Saturday, February 13, 2010

Traveling With Your Bike

Surly Travelers Check and vintage Trek 520

My girlfriend and I braved a terrible day for travel on Thursday, arriving at Laguardia at 5am only to find out that our flight and hundreds of others had been cancelled across the country. About 14 to 17 hours later we finally arrived in LA, lucky us.
The real bonus out of the whole debacle is that the wonderful ticket agents only charged my girlfriend $35 to check her bike instead of the standard $100, a rare exception I'm sure.
My Travelers Check breaks down just small enough so that I don't have to pay extra for my bike on pretty much any airline.
Double bonus.


  1. S&S BTCs FTW. Insert more bike related acronyms here.

  2. i finally got nailed traveling to residencies with a bike. most of the people in baggage check turned a blind eye until a douche from united airlines in miami held me up for $150. i suppose i should be happy i hadn't been accosted prior, but i'd rather relish in the disdain towards united and their crappy everything.