Monday, March 1, 2010

Vanilla Bicycles Booth at NAHBS

The Vanilla Bicycles booth was incredible. They recreated what appears to be the pinnacle of retro bike/rec rooms plus a bit of the outdoors, literally. Dirt and woodchips on the floor. Vanilla's relentless attention to detail and quality mixed with a fashionable vintage flair really made their "booth" a showstopper. I find their visual marketing to be pretty damn enticing, but maybe that's just because I already like their style. Can someone else add their take to this?

A buddy of mine made the connection that both Rapha and Vanilla have a pretty amazing and intense marketing approach, but that to him even if Vanilla didn't have the amazing marketing that it does, its products would still speak for themselves. I definitely agree that if Vanilla didn't have the same aesthetically perfect hype machine, that its bicycles would still have no problem selling. You can't take a nice long look at the Speedvagen and tell me it's not sexy.

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