Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Just did some work on my bikes for once on my day off, couldn't resist some bike porn snaps. Re-cabled the TCR and Merckx, and the Bareknuckle got an overhaul and clipless now that my feet won't freeze. Yummo! Tomorrow's 2011 MTB Demo Day at work, get to ride to the C&O Canal and test bikes all day, so a redeeming day after 11 hours and 10 overhauls at work yesterday.


  1. Hey Chris! The pics are busted.

  2. Yay! All I do is look at the pictures anyway.

  3. I used to have a Merckx just like that. Man, I loved that bike. I sold it to a friend, who promptly wrecked it.

    It's nice to see one again!