Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bike and 4x5 Photos Day 1

Finally got a good day out on the bike with my 4x5 camera. My goal is to focus on the suburbs. Landscape, Architecture, Portraits. 

I spent half an hour trying to get my bike on to two different double decker commuter buses, but both drivers were not having a bike on board plenty of room or not. Crunched on time and out of options or the energy to keep fiddling around, I just rode downhill and across a small bridge over to the western part of the city and took the oceanside road out towards the airport and the suburbs.

It was somewhere around 20 or 30k, so it didn't take forever and I was able to finally get started on my project. 

The ride home was a bit darker and slower, but I made it home exhausted and happy to have some pictures under my belt.

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