Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Had a great lunch with my mom the other day in the old city. We cobbled our way downhill past the hotelly area and found a nice spot that was recommended to us. "Where the workers go" we were told.

Rice with butter, smoky greens with a side of yogurt, and a half portion of sliced döner kebap. Plus a sugary cherry fruit soda mixed with plain soda. All followed up by a nice afterlunch turkish tea to stave off a nap. A nice ten dollar lunch for two.

My mother lived in Istanbul for two years working at a Turkish university back around 2007-2008. I was able to schedule a nice month long visit back in 2008, which was when I was first inspired with the idea to come back with my 4x5 camera and explore a project.

This time around, my mother created a summer study abroad program for an American university and brought an excellent group of students and faculty to make a go of the first summer in Istanbul.

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