Thursday, January 14, 2010


So it's super cold here in Seoul, pretty much prohibitively so. Today it's a balmy 27* F, but usually it hovers around 12* F for most of the day, dipping lower at night when the sun takes a trip over to you guys in the West. This means that I've been spending a lot of time indoors, that is to say in my girlfriend's tiny shoebox cubby of an apartment on the computer. But when I do muster up enough cojones or stir-craziness to venture out into the tundra, it's with some Craft gear.

Last winter I was commuting in Manhattan in a pair of jeans and some Vans canvas shoes, a skateboard helmet, and a snowboard shell. Most of the time I was okay, my commute was only like 15 minutes from the East Village down to Tribeca, but when it got really cold my lower half was angry with me. Tony hooked it up for my birthday with some Craft proZERO long underwear and man it changed everything.

When the mercury dips below the 40* F mark, you'll find me sporting these under whatever the pants d'jour I'm sporting. Craft has a few different lines, proZERO Extreme targeted at 35-65* Windy weather, proZERO being for 30-60* F weather layering, and proWARM for when it gets really cold.

Craft is good quality stuff, designed for comfort and durability as I think all products should be, and they have a full lineup of gear for layering all the way to outerwear and bike specific gear - you've seen team Saxobank riding their stuff in the Pro Tours. I liked the proZERO long underwear so much that I picked up some Craft Gore Windstopper Boxers for when it's not cold enough to wear long johns, but it's windy.

That windstopper protected area happens to be completely exposed to the wind, and believe me those undies will make your ride a LOT more comfortable.

Anyway, I've been loving the Craft gear since Tony turned me on to them a year ago, it's top notch stuff and really worth checking out, especially if you're commuting by bike. I layer up with my stuff whenever I'm planning on being outside and active - it's all designed with comfort and breathability in mind on top of keeping you warm. Idea for biking, snowsports, running, hanging out in the cold, what have you. Check em out at If you see something you like, drop by the shop - we've got a good stock of craft layers, and if we don't have it we can always order it for you.

Stay warm!

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