Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet 1983 Stumpjumper Remixed

I just came across this slick Stumpjumper brought back from the dead.
(old Stumpjumpers are probably the undead since they're so rad and still around)

According to the SOMA blog
"Bryan over at Renaissance Bicycles built up this gorgeous '83 Stumpjumper with a great modern spec. He kept it classy with timeless parts, and the bars seem to fit the theme of the bike's heritage. It is also cool that it is a 650b conversion, which when you consider what the Stumpjumper was in its time, gives it the chance to be on forefront of unique and cutting-edge cycling trends once again. If you haven't seen the work that they do, check out the Renaissance site. All of their builds are of this quality and very well-thought-out."

Good eyes SOMA.

Every part on the bike is classy, both the modern and the retro. I'd definitely like to check out a 650b conversion as well as those Direct Curve 5 brakes from Cane Creek.

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  1. That is one sweet build. I recently picked up an 83 Stumpy with the idea of a 650b conversion. This bike definitely gave me inspiration.