Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Blogger, New to Blogging

Hey All, I'm Blaine, the newest addition to Tony and Henry's blogger slaves (friends).

I'm a photographer by trade, but I'd have to list bikes as my number two obsession.
I love riding bikes, but I also love not waiting for the subway, so I've been mostly commuting by bike for the last 3 years.

Within the last year or two I've quickly transitioned from minimalist fixed gear rider to a total racks and fenders OCD Fred.

Exhibit A, Iro Mark V with round Dedaccai tubing: The first bike I ever got to build up nicely from the frameset; built the wheels myself, etc. Nicest bike I'd ever owned.

Exhibit B, 1975 Raleigh Gran Sport: Great touring bike modified into a wonderful all purpose townie bike.

Over the next few weeks I'll see if I can cobble together a visual timeline of how I got from A to B.

So, I'll be in touch, and I'll likely post random bike pictures along the way.

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