Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is approaching

For christmas this year i figured id do something special for my girlfriend. She has a heavy clunker bike from a brand called columbia and it is horrendous. It weighs a good solid 50 pounds, is caked with rust and is stuck in one gear. Aside from it being close to inoperable, its a big pain for when i have to lug it up my third floor apartment. Not fun at all.
So since i work here at Brooklyn Bicycles i figured now would be the perfect time to give her something a little more functional. It took alot of searching but i found something that suit her quite well. I ended up ordering a Pake track frame in limited edition purple. When it finally came in i was pleasantly surprised by the paint job.
Brilliant color (ignore the terrible picture quality). So with some help from our head mechanic Pete and the boss man Henry, we got this beauty built up in one day and it came out great. Put some NOS parts on it (we can get you most of these parts from EAI) for sheer class, white cloth tape, mks gr-9 pedals, some alex track wheels with formula hubs and shimano 105 brake levers. Also decked it out with a Kryptonite Evolution Lock and cable (i dont want my work to be for naught)So it looks gorgeous and the lady loves it. We're Pake dealers so if you like what you see, we can easily build one up for you. Pake makes great tange frames and theyre super reasonably priced. Stop by the shop for a consultation and we'll set you up.
Remember, keep warm, keep your bike in good shape, and most importantly, ride the thing!

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