Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter riding- part 2 prepping that bike

Alright so we've gotten your body all sealed up and protected before old man winter can touch you with his creepy old man hands. Now we'll do the same for your bike...just minus the clothing (or put clothes on your bike if it pleases you). First we touch the chain. easiest to do.

This stuff is it. Stops that crappy urine/snow/salt/nyc vomit from destroying your bicycle transmission. Shoot some on sparingly, forget about it, then in a week or two or six, put some more on. Always opt for a 'wet' lube such as this for adverse or wet (get the meaning now?) weather. Theyre a tad messy but worth it.

Next water proof that frame with this:
Spray it on your frame directly, rub it around and keep away from fire for a little while unless youre one of those people who like to ride flaming bikes or something. You'll definitely need to do a few applications here and there but it'll do a great job of keeping water and salt from messing your bike. As the name implies, this stuff is used on Boeing airplanes. Thats gotta tell you something right?

Now bare in mind, the road is going to spray alot of stuff at your loved one. Its mostly going to be salt. as long as you keep wiping down after each ride, you'll be golden. Otherwise your ride will look like this:

(Via BikeSnobNYC)
Not pretty huh. That corrossion will run deep over time and then your frame will belong to a dump.

If you ride with brakes, these pads are the way to go:
All weather v-type brake pads. Theyll handle snow, water, venomous acid...maybe not acid but everything otherwise. Stop by the shop and pete will slap em right on there for ya. you'll need linear pull or v brakes in order to run these. cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes typically have these.

and lastly you'll need tires. bigger the better when snow hits the ground. get these:
Maxxis Larsens or any thick tread tire will do. i personally prefer these. They grip real well and there isnt a loss in traction even on the city streets. gooooood times.

Right. I'll cover more soon and we'll finish off this subject with how to handle your bike in adverse conditions next. Theres a few more maintenance things you should know so stop by the shop and i'll give you a free lesson. See ya soon peoples.

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