Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Before & After: 9th street style

Christmas has passed (hopefully everyone had a good one) and as we approach new years, we reflect upon what may change in the coming year. Resolutions are on most peoples minds and partying it up on others. Here at the shop we've got some changes of our own that we're taking with us into new years.
we're excited to present to you a new series entitled 'Before & After'. Its pretty straightforward in that we get a bike in for a restoration and show you the resulted product.
For our first documented case we had a customer bring in an old Ross bike that belonged to his girlfriend (lots of sentimental value) and as a gift he wanted to restore it and make it look brand new. Below is the result of the before and after brooklyn style


As you can tell its been pretty well used and being a vintage year, its done well to last this long under use. The customer wanted to restore it to a color akin to that of the original but not quite as plain. So we ended up with a great result with a fantastic clear coat that hearkened back to the original scheme

gorgeous eh?

So if you have any basement bikes that really mean alot to you or just a clunker you'd like to breathe life into, give us a shout and we'll work out the best possible options for you. Makes for a fantastic gift!

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